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    "Time to Care"

Our Promise

It should be a time to Care.

Whether you are seeking relief from a simple bug, staying on top of a routine condition, or battling a diagnosis that threatens everything, we are here to help you. The pharmacy experience- this moment of attention to your health- should leave you better in both health and spirits. People enter a pharmacy with a wide range of emotions, but they should never leave feeling unsure about their medicine and care. Unfortunately, it happens. When crowds take the place of personal service, when profit is more important than people, you can get lost in the shuffle. You are trying to give your health the time it deserves.

Our promise is to match that effort in every situation. We refuse to put profit over people. We insist on taking your health as seriously as we do our own, and we pledge to do everything in our power to make each experience within our walls a positive one.

“Time to Care.”

About your Health AND your Pharmacy.

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